About NCO Film & Design


Nate Oldham is a hopeless dreamer, certified insane by some guy on social media. A thought criminal who embraces the existential dread of the universe with an undying love of the Swedish disco band, ABBA. An unshakeable pillar of nonsense, sustaining the hot breath of God’s wrath in the storm of the apocalypse wind… which is a long way of saying, that Nate is a writer. A designer. An artist who thought he was once a filmmaker, but chose a better, less abusive path to career success and happiness.

Nate is the Prop Master for the Colorado Ballet, one of the most talented and premier ballet companies in the world, where he assists in an art form as old as civilization. When Nate isn’t on ballet season, he can be found working as an IATSE Local 7 stagehand, hanging lights at Red Rocks; rock n roll’s greatest and most famous cathedral. And on occasion, Nate helps movies get made, but only if the movie makers aren’t abusive sociopathic narcissists, so that’s to say never.

When Nate is not working, you can find him writing nonsense in his cave, browsing used bookstores for rare horrors, riding sticks of wood down snow-covered mountains, or spending time with his kids… the two most beautiful girls in the world. Nate was born in New England, but now lives in Denver, Colorado, where he perpetually aggravates the local gunfighters with his modern views on politics, and his oppressive environmental liberalism.

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