About NCO Film & Design


Nate Oldham is a hopeless dreamer, certified insane by the conservative media. A thought criminal, embracing life’s existential dread with an undying love of the Swedish disco band, Abba. Nate is a card-carrying member of IATSE, The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, the union that supports the entertainment industry. Together, they get movies made and concerts get on the road. IATSE is the nuts-and-bolts of the entertainment industry. Without them, anything called a “show” would never happen. If you’ve ever stayed long enough to watch the end credits of a film, you’ve probably seen the IATSE logo bringing up the tail like this…

When Nate’s not not working, you can find him writing nonsense in his cave, climbing mountains into the tundra, browsing used bookstores for rare horror, or spending time with his kids; the two most beautiful girls in the world. Nate was born in New England, but now lives in Denver, Colorado, where he perpetually aggravates the local gunfighters with his modern views on politics and oppressive environmental liberalism.

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