About NCO Film & Design

Portrait B&W 2Welcome to NCO Film & Design – a portfolio website for Nathaniel Oldham. A member of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, (IATSE) Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts. Which is a long way of saying, that Nate is a member of the labor Union that makes the entertainment industry thrive.

From the East coast to the West, Nate has pursued a passion for entertainment industries for over 20 years, setting his foundation now in Colorado, with roots that never die in New England.

In his teenage years, Nate was a member of Phuture Productions; a small independent lighting and sound crew comprised of misfit raver dj’s that helped make the rave scene a historical event in the mid to late 90’s. Nate discovered his passion for lighting and sound while traveling with Phuture, supplying intelligent light shows and 50,000 watt sound systems for events that spanned Philadelphia, New York and the farthest reaches of New England. He now pursues his passion for lighting and sound as a Union Stagehand for IATSE Local 7 in Denver, where he gets to work at some of the most well known concert venues in the world, and set up conventions that draw people from every corner of the globe.

During Nate’s years with the Phuture Crew, he and his friends often talked about the dream of making movies and how to form it into reality. Following the demise of the 90’s rave scene and the disbanding of Phuture Productions, a few surviving members of the crew have moved on to feature film and television production. Being members of IATSE in New England gives Nate and his friends the opportunity to work face-to-face with some of the greatest talent in film history, for one of the strongest film Unions in the world; IATSE Local 481.

In the future, Nate plans to hone his writing skills, build a production company with his friends, and create his own brand of “shows,” however they may find their way into being. But none of this happens, without first spending time with his family – his wife, two obnoxious cats, a wolf-dog named Donut, and their crazy kids; the two most beautiful girls in the world.

If neither work or family is on Nate’s agenda, then you can find him browsing used bookstores, skiing the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, hiking the White Mountains of New Hampshire, or traveling the world.

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