Leaving Telluride

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Finally packing up after yet another unforgettable experience in the wild ride that is my life; my career. Filming this movie in this place was one of the most challenging things I’ve accomplished in my life thus far. We’re finished now and I can’t imagine I will see or do anything like this ever again. I will miss this place; The San Juan Mountains and the town of Telluride. I’ll miss the purple sunsets and working in high altitude blizzards, delivering soup to a hundred crew members on a snowmobile in snow that’s falling sideways. I’ll miss ignoring the banners across the top of the weather report that read; AVALANCHE WARNING and heading into avalanche country with a small army of equipment. I’ll miss the winding mountain roads without guardrails and kissing the Ganesh charm around my neck, hoping my spiritual journey through this life has many more years before it’s over. Nor will I forget the stars, and the way the Milky Way glittered in the sky after a 17 hour work day on my feet with no break. Or the way it felt to walk out the front door of my production-paid rental condo into the heart of Telluride, one of the most desirable places on earth, where an open barstool is the hardest thing to find on a Sunday afternoon. I’ll miss the experiences I’ve had, and the friends I’ve made, and I’ll miss the camaraderie of the crew. But not as much as I’ve missed my family, and not as much as I’ve missed my home. Tomorrow I’m finally headed back to see them after almost three months.

So sayonara, Telluride. It’s been fun, but I’m going back to reality now. Thank you for the memories. I’ll be back sometime, I know. Until then… stay gritty.


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